Adopt a Friend

Adopting an animal is easy, but we ask that you only fill out if you ARE SERIOUSLY INTERESTED IN ADOPTING FROM OUR RESCUEWe have a limited amount of applications and each time one is filled out and you change your mind, you take one away from a serious adopter, this happens with at least 10 applications a month. We also have a limited amount of volunteers that review the applications and reading each application takes valuable time away from our volunteers. ALL APPLICATIONS MUST ANSWER EVERY QUESTION WITH SPECIFIC ANSWERS, VAGUE ANSWERS WILL BE AN AUTOMATIC DENIAL OF APPLICATION, AND WE WILL NOT RECONSIDER ANY DENIAL AS OUR VOLUNTEER STAFF HAS LIMITED TIME TO REVIEW YOUR ANSWERS! IF YOU HAVE DONE ANY RESEARCH ON YOUR OWN REGARDING THE CRITTER THAT YOU WANT TO ADOPT, DO NOT APPLY. WE DON'T MIND EDUCATING YOU, HOWEVER WE REQUIRE THAT  YOU DO SOME OF THE RESEARCH FIRST. If you are still interested in adoption, you may fill out the application form below,  for any reason it doesn't get submitted, please email us and we will send you our online application.  We'll review it and get back to you within 48 hours, no phone calls please.  If you have questions email us at:, no phone calls please.  We screen all adopters to ensure that our animals end up in appropriate homes, and therefore cannot guarantee anyone an animal.  However, even if the animal you are interested in is no longer available, we can usually help you find another animal who will fit perfectly into your family.  Our rescue always has animals who are not yet on the internet, and we also have good connections to other rescues. 

If you're not sure what animal you want or you have questions about adopting, please email us at   no phone calls please.  We'd be happy to discuss the choice with you.  Because our animals are in foster care, we know a great deal about their personalities, which makes matching easier and more successful.

Adoption fees ensure that our animals go to responsible homes and allow us to provide for the animals in our care. We are in desperate need of funds and even the smallest donation helps.  Our minimum fees/donations are as follow:

Rabbits: $95.00, Bonded Pair of Rabbits: $150

Guinea Pigs:  $45 unspayed/not neutered  $65.00 neutered  

Chinchillas:  $75  

Large Hamsters/Gerbils:  $20.00 

Dwarf Hamsters: $15.00

Mice: $5.00                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

Rats: $45.00  spayed & neutered

Cockateils:  $90.00 single $150.00 bonded pair

Parakeets:  $30.00 each

Discounts: We do not offer discounts, if you can not afford the adoption fee than you probably can not afford the pet.

*What type of animal are you interested in?
Guinea Pig

Are you adopting this pet for a child?

We usually contact people by email, as this makes it easier to keep track of which applications we have responded to. However, if you do not answer your email daily, we need to know how best to contact you. How would you prefer to be contacted?
This question is not required, and your answer will not affect whether or not you are approved to adopt from RASA Rescue.  RASA Rescue is always looking to improve its website and petfinder listings, and this question is your chance to help us in that endeavor.

RASA Rescue requires all adopters to sign a contract stating the following:

1. You will provide the animal with an appropriate habitat and a balanced diet as recommended by RASA Rescue.

2. You will provide veterinary care as necessary by a qualified veterinarian.

5. You will take the animal into consideration when making housing choices.

6. You will agree to be responsible for the animal for the rest of his or her life.

7. You will not breed the animal under any circumstances. 

8. You will return the animal to the rescue if it is no longer wanted or you can no longer keep it.

*Are you willing to sign such a contract?

Please check your spam folder if you do not receive a response from us within 48 hours.  We have been getting emails from people that thought we didn't respond to their applications..... and when asked to check their spam folder the responses were thereThank you.

  • By submitting this application, I/we give our permission to Rabbit & Small Animal Rescue to contact any/all personal references listed,  and vets that have seen my/our previous pets, and give them permission to obtain vet records from the vet office on previous pets.