Surrender Application

Please understand that we do not have a facility of any type.  We are a group of individual citizens fostering animals in our own homes.  We are all volunteers who make a living working regular jobs just like you.  We cannot, and would not, force a volunteer to take in an animal when they don't have space, regardless of the situation.  Sometimes our fosters have upwards of 40 animals in each house. This means that we may not have space for your animal. 

We can do courtesy listings (list your animal on petfinder while it stays in your home) when we don't have space, though we have specific requirements for this service.  Please email us at if you need more information on courtesy listings. 

In order for us to determine whether we can take in your animal, we need you to first tell us about your situation by filling out the following form.  We will respond ASAP with more information. 

Please keep in mind that we do have specific surrender requirements.  Without donations, we do not have the money to feed, clean, and provide veterinary care for the animals currently in rescue.  Please visit this page to learn about our surrender requirements.

*Are you at least 18 years old?
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*We prefer to contact people using email because this is the easiest way to keep track of everything. However, because some people don't check their email, we request that you please specify how you would like to be contacted:
Email  Phone  Either  
*What type of animal(s) are you surrendering?
Rabbit  Guinea Pig  Hamster  Gerbil  Mouse  Chinchilla
Rat  Bird  Sugar Glider  Hedgehog  Other  
Please understand that we do not have a facility of any type.  We are a group of individual citizens fostering animals in our homes.  While we can sometimes take in small animals that are not on the list above, we do not have the facilities to take in dogs or cats.  Please do not ask us to do so.
Please describe the physical condition of the animal.  Does it have any health problems, such as allergies, teeth problems, etc.?  Health problems are rarely a factor in our decision about whether to take the animal.  However, we have had animals die when we did not treat them because their former owners did not tell us about the condition.  We also need to make plans to put the animal in a foster home that can appropriately care for the animal.
*Is the animal currently in your care (as opposed to a friend's or family member's)?
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We have certain surrender requirements.  For instance, we require that animals come with their cages.  In most cases, we also require a monetary donation to help us pay for your pet's care.  In all cases, we require that you drop the animal off at one of our foster's homes.  Please read about our surrender requirements here (it will open in a new window).  *Do you agree to the rescue's surrender requirements?
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*If RASA Rescue is able to take your animal, you will be required to sign all rights to the animal over to the rescue. Will you agree to sign your animal over to the rescue?
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