White vinegar for cleaning

We go through 1-2 gallons per week cleaning litterboxes, enclosures and floors

Garbage bags for used litter

We use 7-10 40-50 gallon garbage bags per week

Filters for Ridgid Shop Vac, can be purchased at Home Depot

We use 2 per month.

Water Bottles, 16 oz & 32 oz

Some of ours are 3 years old and the washers and balls are going bad. We have over 50 cages and each has 1-2 water bottles.

Gift Cards

We purchase supplies from many different stores.....Home Depot, PETCO, Randazzos Fruit Market, Meijer, etc.....

Garment Bags, ...can be purchased at dollar store

These are used for washing vegetables in the washing machine, we go through 3-4 per month

Large litter boxes

We use large cat litterboxes for the rabbits.

Aspen Shavings

We use aspen shavings for guinea pig bedding.

Cloth baby diapers (used)

Cloth baby diapers make great cleaning cloths no matter how stained they are

Thank you!

All of these supplies by themselves can be inexpensive, but when you put them all together, it is a big expense.  All donated supplies are greatly appreciated.