We're always short on money.  Vet bills are often unexpected.  While we require donations from people who surrender their animals, we often accept animals from local humane societies and even meat farms, neither of which provides any money towards their care.  Even small amounts help a lot, as we're good at finding good prices. 

We also accept donations of useful items, such as these:

  • Glass and plastic aquariums
  • Cages of all sizes, shapes, and styles, from mouse cages to rabbit cages
  • Water bottles of all sizes
  • Water bottle holders of all sizes
  • Rodent wheels, all sizes
  • Plastic accessories of all sizes (houses, food bowls, hiding spots, etc)  
  • Bedding, most types (but not cedar or pine) 
  • Aspen
  • Shredded newspaper 
  • Shelving units (ones that are made of hard-wire squares are especially useful)
  • Old (but clean) towels and pillow cases 
  • Craft wire
  • Tape of all sorts (plastic, masking, duct, etc)
  • Zip ties (like the ones they use for handcuffs in the movies)

Email us at if you'd like to donate any of these items! 

To give a monetary donation, please click the button below:

Or you can login into your Paypal account, click the "send money" tab and send a monetary donation as a "gift" under the "personal" tab.You can send it to