We're always short on money.  Vet bills are often unexpected.  While we require donations from people who surrender their animals, we often accept animals from local humane societies and even meat farms, neither of which provides any money towards their care.  Even small amounts help a lot, as we're good at finding good prices. 

Some Great Ways to Help Are:

Monetary Donations Directly to The Vet - We always have an ongoing veterinary bill.  Our vet, Alsager Animal Care Center located in Canton MI, is wonderful in working with us and our animals. You can contact them at anytime to make a donation on our behalf!
Sponsor an Animal - We have furry friends in our care that need extensive and or ongoing medical treatment.  Please consider sponsoring one of these animals.   You can commit from 5% to 100% of their care. You will receive updates and photos with the progress of your sponsored animal. Email us at to find out more! 

We also accept donations of useful items, such as these:

  •  Glass and plastic aquariums
  • Cages of all sizes, shapes, and styles, from mouse cages to rabbit cages
  • Water bottles of all sizes
  • Water bottle holders of all sizes
  • Rodent wheels, all sizes
  • Plastic accessories of all sizes (houses, food bowls, hiding spots, etc)  
  • Bedding, most types (but not cedar or pine) 
  • Aspen
  • Shredded newspaper 
  • Shelving units (ones that are made of hard-wire squares are especially useful)
  • Old (but clean) towels and pillow cases 
  • Craft wire
  • Tape of all sorts (plastic, masking, duct, etc)
  • Zip ties (like the ones they use for handcuffs in the movies)

Email us at if you'd like to donate any of these items! 

To give a monetary donation, please click the button below:

Or you can login into your Paypal account, click the "send money" tab and send a monetary donation as a "gift" under the "personal" tab.You can send it to

What We Stand For

Transforming the neglected, abused, unwanted and abandoned into the loved, sheltered, happy and content.

Each animal is treated with respect and is provided a spacious cage while they are with RASA.
We strive to educate the public about their pets and the plight of homeless animals.
We support sterlization of rabbits and larger animals.
We screen all adopters to ensure safe, loving homes for our animals.
RASA requires all adopted animals to be housed INDOORS.  If you intend on keeping your pet (especially rabbits) outside please do not fill out an application.
Due to funding and lack of fosters we are not able to take surrendered animals at this time.  Please still contact us and we will do what we can to assist you in finding a place for your animal.  PLEASE DO NOT EVER JUST LET THEM GO INTO "THE WILD" They are domestic animals and will die quickly if released.

Meet The RASA Criters

First Saturday of Each Month -  PETCO, Canton 2pm-4pm
Second Saturday of Each Month - PETCO, Livonia 2pm-4pm
Every Saturday until 11/2017 - CARSONS, Laurel Park Mall, Livonia 12pm-4pm
Every Sunday until 11/2017 - CARSONS, Laurel Park Mall, Livonia 12pm-2pm